Scintilla 07 – Somadrone – Wellpark Avenue

WELLPARK_AVE_WEBWellpark Avenue, is street that somadrone resides in Drumcondra, Dublin. The studio, housed in a box room in his home was demolished after the recordings were complete for renovations, thus the album is a document of the music made in there from 2013-16.
Contributors include Margie Lewis and John Cowhie on Vocals. Mostly tracked and
recording on 1/4 analogue tape, this process gives the album an etherial feel. Mixed at
the National Concert Hall Studios and mastered at Studio Molan, Malmo, Sweden.
The album incorporates spatial and sonic effects to create dramatic effect within a
sound that is forever challenging and evolving in what is now Somadrone’s 20th year of
electronic music making.

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Scintilla 06.2 – Somadrone – The Howling Infinite feat. Margie Lewis (Single – 2017)


The Howling Infinite, from the upcoming sixth studio album, Wellpark Avenue, is a game changer for Dublin Producer, Somadrone. Gone are the drum machines and heavy synthesizer use from The First Wave (2013) and Oracle (2015) and a return to traditional song and instruments akin to Depth of Field (2010). Dystopia, Psychedelia, LSD, Timothy Leary,  TV Music of the 1970’s all contribute to the sound of The Howling Infinitea sound that references the likes of seminal British band Broadcast. The album incorporates spatial and sonic effects to create dramatic effect within a sound that is forever challenging and evolving in what is now Somadrone’s 20thyear of music making.


Scintilla 06.1 – Gavin O Brien – Lacuna (2017)


Music written for the photographic and audio/visual installation “Lacuna” by Kate Nolan. Showing in the Gallery of Photography, Dublin until October 22nd 2017.

Scintilla 06 – Without Name OST (2017)


Score developed and produced in collaboration with Gavin O Brien – Available here

Scintilla 05 – Somadrone  – Oracle LP (2015)


5th LP from Somadrone, recorded between 2013-15 in Brooklyn, NY and Dublin, Ireland.

Scintilla 04  – Somadrone – Mirror EP (2014)


Fourth in the series of ambient EP’s, Mirror was recorded during 2014 at Studio Etoile, Dublin.

Scintilla 03 – Somadrone  – Atlantic EP (2013)


This EP was made in aeroplanes, above the atlantic ocean, when others slept, during the 24 times i cross the Atlantic Ocean between Jan 2010 and Jan 2013.

Cover designed by J.Cowhie @  –

Scintilla 02 – Somadrone / Locus Solus  –  10-1 Noises (re-release: first released 2005)

Recorded in 2005 by Somadrone (Neil O’Connor) and Locus Solus (Gavin O’Brien) in Dublin, this recording was generated for a soundtrack of chris markers 1964 film ‘La Jetee’ which was performed live in Dublin during that year. It was released on mango music as a limited edition 100 3′ CDs. Sold Out.

Scintilla 01 – Somadrone / Locus Solus  –  Music For Bathyscaphes (december 2010)

Recorded between 2008 and 2010 by Somadrone (Neil O’Connor) and Locus Solus (Gavin O’Brien) in Dublin and at EMS (Institute for Electroacoustic Music), Stockholm, Sweden, Music For Bathyscaphes is a collection of six ambient pieces written for a voyage in a bathyscaphe. The album was made using vintage Serge Modular and Buchla modular synthesizers (courtesy of EMS) along with processed guitars and field recordings. It was released physically in November 2010 as a limited edition of 100 Cds. Sold out


2 thoughts on “Releases”

  1. Very nice album, I’ve listened to it a couple of times these past days with pleasure. The title fits completely with the atmosphere, which is very coherent. Go on, very very nice work.

    Thanks for sharing,


    P.S. have you planned a real journey in a bathyscaphe ? 🙂

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